Paul Walker has a tattoo, woohooo!

I stumbled over it by accident whilst watching his latest straight-to-DVD-“The Lazarus Project”-movie and at first did not think anything of it, since Paul displayed a fake tattoo on his forearm in the “Death and Life of Bobby Z” before to give his criminal character acting a bit of an edge.

In the latest film The Lazarus Project it also looked like the tat was yet another prop. It can be seen several times from a distance and is only readable enough once in a close up when he is handling a decoder unit called Marilyn and both his hands and wrists are shown.

When freeze framed the tattoo on his right inside wrist is visible and simply reads: Meadow.

Paul Walker's wrist tattoo

This leads to the logical assumption that it refers to his daughter Meadow Rain and makes the tattoo even more plausible and real.

In the film the ornamental letters are accompanied by a Hibiscus flower to the right, which could well be a prop added for the movie to give the tat bit more impact, or it could be a later addition, though I doubt Paul had the courage for a bigger tattoo.

It seems a little strange that no one has reported anything about his wrist tattoo yet, since it is a very sweet and darn sexy addition to his body that is worshipped by so many and considered flawless.

update 08.04.2009:

There indeed is a hibiscus flower added around the swirly name and the tat looks very real, so no movie prop. Nice.


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12 Responses to Paul Walker has a tattoo, woohooo!

  1. SonyaSunny says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.
    Thank you

  2. Débora says:

    paul walker i love you

  3. thea says:

    Looks like “Meadow”, the name of his daughter 🙂

  4. B.A. says:

    Paul sizzzzzzles. I noticed the tat in a picture but wasn’t sure what it was. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  5. sabinau says:

    he is sooooo fucking hot

  6. lizz says:

    love u Paul

  7. lizz says:

    and it is sooooooooooooo cool

  8. says:

    I think it’s sweet. May he RIP. He was so great!

  9. Deborah says:

    cant wait to get my tatoo of paul walker on my arm.

  10. Magda says:

    Paul Walker forever 😢

  11. nico says:

    R.I.P paul loved him cant bielive he had a tat so sad

  12. gellian says:

    sexy as hell always love you

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